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The working man's motor

For this robust mud motor we teamed up with the many crawfishermen who work in the Atchafalaya basin. We wanted to make something that they could use day in and day out that fits their needs. What we came up is a non-painted motor with hard bushings, short handle, and easy access control box.

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Gator Tail, the original belt-driven surface drive engine, is the one that changed the game. From a research project in college, this technological marvel has grown to drive the market in little over a decade. These engines will prove to be the most reliable way to get you places you never thought possible.

Every feature you need


*United States Patent Number: 7,048,600*

  1. 993ccc Big Block CDI 40HP Vanguard Marine Engine

  2. 4750rpm High Rev Coils

    Engine comes standard with a 4750 rpm limiter, protects against over revving.

  3. Tachometer/Hour Meter

    Allows proper operation data and precise maintenance windows.

  4. 20-50amp Charging System

    Allows you to run all your favorite electronic accessories.

  5. Hi Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

    Extended protection in saltwater environments.

  6. Easy Access Control Box

    Start, Trim, Kill Switch and Gear controls all located on tiller arm for easy access and operation.

  7. Integrated Free Floating Tiller

    Enhances safety and control standing up or sitting down.

  8. Insulated Metal Squeeze Throttle

    Weather-proof throttle ergonomically designed for comfortable and reliable operation.

  9. Waterproof Heavy Duty Trim Switch

    Durable, commercial strength switch for reliable and all weather and all condition operation.

  10. Integrated Free Floating Handle with Tension Adjustment

    Enhances safety and control while standing up or sitting down.

  11. Dual Pivot Point Trim Impact System

    Allows engine to freely kick up on impact with no effect on trim unit.

  12. Locking Tilt Pin

    Allows engine to be tilted out the water easily for maintenance, storage or while trolling in the shallows.

  13. 2000 Hr. Electric Clutch

    Forward and Neutral gears provided smoothly and reliably by Gator-Tail electric clutch.

  14. Planetary Reverse Transmission

    Gator-Tail’s exclusive design provides powerful and reliable reverse, rated up to 250 hp.

  15. 5000 lb./ft. Power trim Actuator

    Allows reliable trim performance in all conditions.

  16. Fully Adjustable Transom Clamp

    Allows each GatorTail engine to be custom mounted to individual hull for maximum performance.

  17. Hard Bushings

    Built to withstand a lot of trailering time.

  18. Three Piece Extruded Lower Unit

    Separate Lube Chambers provide extra protection for bearings and weedless profile allows enhanced mobility.

  19. Reverse Plate

    Maximizes thrust for reverse power and keeps mud and water splash-backs to a minimum.

  20. Lifetime Belt Warranty

    GatorTail's belt driven technology is with you forever, we guarantee it. Break a belt, we'll give you another one... forever.


A seamless transition to hop between your bay boat or bass boat to your mudboat. The ease of operation and smooth transition will now be reflected in your GatorTail. This new technology enhances the safety, engine protection, and performance of our flagship engine.

  • Positive Locking Planetary Transmission
  • Forward and Reverse Propulsion
  • Forward, Neutral, Reverse Toggle Switch Control (tiller model)
  • Outboard Style Controls (steering model)
  • Lightweight Design
  • Smooth Shifting
  • Hard Anodized Billet Construction

Options - make it yours

Please note which options you’d like when ordering your Gator Tail

  • Tall Transom.....

  • Short Transom.....

  • Twist Grip Throttle

Paint Options
Gator Grass, Natural Gear, Black, Gator Tail Timber
Add $250

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